River Fishing

This type of fishing takes place both in rivers, lakes, swamps, dams, and everything that has to do with fresh water. For example, there are many species in river fishing that the sport fisherman looks for with high tenacity. Among them, we can find the trout, the different species of carp, wolf, tench, claims, etc. All these river species are fascinating for the sport fisherman since each of them needs specific fishing techniques to be able to succeed in catches.

In the case of trout, for example, fly fishing is the most used technique for its capture. It requires quite advanced skills, as far as experience and use of the method are concerned, especially in the use of the fishing rod, these skills are achieved simply by performing the activity repetitively, the years make the master fisherman.

Trouts are also very captured with the technique called spinning, often with hard lures, Rapalas type 2 to 5 cm in size, and with bright colors.In the case of carp fishing or carp fishing, you can also use a wide variety of techniques to “play” with them. From deep-sea fishing to the so-called “fly fishing,” which is widely used in calm waters, with little activity of the currents, so that the bait and the hook can lower slowly to the bottom, in this technique, the lead is not used, and almost always the fish attacks while the lure is gradually sliding towards the depths.

River Fishing In Spillways

River fishing areas spillways of damson this area of the dams in the hydraulic dumps, it is where the water that accumulates when the dams overflow for a particular reason (rains, river floods, etc.). Precisely in these spillways, in case you did not know, they go to a large number of species that are living in this piece of water. Without a doubt, it is a unique opportunity for sport fisherman who likes to develop the activity in these places. Here you have outstanding catches, using fishing with the artificial worm, more specifically with the one with the white head and blue body (they are lethal to catch trout in the spillway areas).

Remember that it is essential to return the species to the water and thus contribute to its development, carry out fishing with return or without death, in the long run, it is the best way to add to the environment and have more significant catches in future sets.

What Baits Are The Best In River Fishing?

There are countless types of baits for river fishing since there are innumerable species that inhabit this acute sweet. Here you can see which are the best baits to fish in rivers and river waters, and the ones that give the best results Among the experience of hundreds of fishermen friends. I promise you that if you put them into practice, the catch results will be exceptional. There are different opinions and points of view as fishers are, what I can assure you is that the catch results are tested with the baits listed below. For me, they are undoubtedly the best baits to fish in freshwater.
And when I refer to rivers, I am also referring to lakes, dams, dams, etc. Since we talked about the wonderful world of fishing sport, these baits have been tested and tested, and I hope you like them, let’s go there!

  • River Shrimp
    The first place was given to the always active river shrimp. Although they are not as easy to find as earthworms, they are even more effective than worms when it comes to good catches. Because these shrimp precisely live in the water of rivers and lakes, the predators of that area are much more accustomed to tasting them. Therefore when they fall into the water like bait, they are almost instantly eaten.
  • Earthworm.
    By excellence, one of the best baits for river fishing, they are easy to use, and above all, they abound in large numbers in most countries. They are found regularly on the same banks of the rivers; the earth (black of preference), must be humid but not very wet, you should look for places where there is a lot of shade since the sun makes the worms look deep and it becomes quite challenging to find them. Valuable advice is that wherever you see demons, you must return the earth to the same hole you made, this will help that when you return another day for more worms, you can find them in that same place.Another site very easy to find earthworms is in the drains of the dairy farms or stables. Although they are not very pleasant places because of the smell they give off if, I can assure you that the abundance of earthworms in these areas is immense; besides, the majority that you will find are of strong constitution, much more useful to attract water species sweet.
  • Small Vinyl And Rubber Worms.
    In the artificial part of the baits destined for river fishing, vinyl lures of about 5 cm in size are lethal for carp, trout, black bass, etc. Everything is logically in the study you have of the fishing area to know which is the most effective. Artificial worms, especially those that have a lot of brightness inside, also become infallible baits for most species in river fishing.
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