The Fish

Chum Salmon

Chum, or Dog salmon as they are often called, are the most abundant wild salmon in Washington state.  They get the name Dog salmon due to the pronounced canine like teeth of the male adult fish.  Chum salmon have gained popularity with fly fisherman due to their relative abundance and aggressiveness. Life Cycle Chum salmon […]

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Coho Salmon

Coho, or Silver Salmon as they are often called, get their name from their beautiful silver color. A favorite amongst fly anglers, Coho Salmon are well known for both their aggressiveness towards a fly and for their acrobatics once hooked. The size of the salmon vary widely depending upon the individual strains. Coho in the

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Chinook Salmon

Chinook, or King salmon as they are often called, are the largest of the pacific salmonids.In Canada, Chinook salmon may also be referred to as “Springs” and/or Tyee. On the Columbia river, two additional names are the “Tule” and the Up-River Bright.These names refer to where this salmon spawns.Chinook are easily identified by the black

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Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout

The Sea-Run Cuttthroat is known for its aggressive behavior towards a properly presented fly. Generally, these fish run between 12-18 inches, but occasionally much larger fish are caught. Although they are usually relatively small when compared with their larger cousins, pacific salmon, being a sea run fish makes them unusually strong for their size. The

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Pink Salmon

Pink salmon, or Humpies as they are often called, occur in the in the Northwest during odd numbered years, i.e. 2001,2003,2005 and appear in Alaskan waters during even numbered years.; There are some populations of Pink salmon which occur every year on Vancouver Island, B.C..; These fish are great sport on fly rods and are

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Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon are often called the Shy salmon. They are also known as Red Salmon in Alaska. The land locked version of this species is known as the Kokanee salmon. Unlike the other species of Pacific salmon, Sockeye salmon feed almost exclusively on Plankton.  This unique trait makes them more reluctant to chase and/or strike

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