Best Fishing Locations in the USA

Fishing is a great activity – you have a chance to relax, have the best time of your life with your mind, and eventually – catch a fish. It helps us learn more and reconnect with nature. However, besides all the lake fishing tips you need, the second most-important piece of information is finding the best fishing locations. If you are in USA, we have some good news, as we’ve done the research, consulted with experts and we’ve compiled a list of the most popular fishing locations in the USA. Even if you don’t know nothing about fishing besides the basic river and lake fishing tips, you’ll surely have a great time here:

1. Florida Keys, Florida

It is best known as the Fisherman’s paradise, so there is nothing else we can say besides this.

2. Outer Banks, North Carolina

A great spot for beginner fishing lovers, as it has numerous agencies offering the best fishing equipment.

3. Bighorn River, Montana

If you seek to catch the flying fish – this is your spot.

4. Kobuk River, Alaska

The Kobuk River in Alaska can offer you a really unique fishing experience, and it is as natural as it gets.

5. Lake St. Clair, Michigan

The Lake St. Clair is the best spot if you want to put to use all your lake fishing tips and catch some muskie, perch or walleye.

Lake and River Fishing Tips


If you are new to fishing, you probably need all the river and lake fishing tips you can find, and these can surely change how your fishing results. Because there are many different types of fishing, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things you need to know about freshwater fishing and we present to you the most important river and lake fishing tips:

First, don’t forget to bring all the equipment. If you want to fish on a lake or on a river, you’ll need the proper clothes, depending on the weather. Also, a fly is essential as a bait. If you want to go in the middle of the lake or river, you should get a canoe, but if you are a beginner, your best option is to rent one. Regarding the clothes, we’d suggest wearing something water-proof yet comfortable, as you might stay there for a couple of hours, you’d be best without itchy pants or uncomfortable boots.

Second, find the proper spot. This often includes places under shade as fish tend to stay there to avoid predators like birds.

Third, get the proper bait – a fly or a worm might do its thing, but know that there are different types of fish, and depending on your own expectations, you should research the different baits.

Fourth, know your aim. As we mentioned, the different types of fish have different habits, some like staying near the shore whereas other stay in the deep waters – depending on your own goals, find the best type of fish that’s easy to catch for beginners, and aim to catch those.

Lastly, but most importantly – get a fishing license. You don’t want to get fined just because you failed to do the administrative procedure.

Equipment Guide

Fishing is a sport that requires some equipment, that is, of course, if you don’t like fishing like the olden-days using a spear. There are certain things that as a fisherman you must own, and since beginners often don’t know which those are, we’ve compiled the best list of the most important items that any fisherman should have as a part of our river and lake fishing tips:

  1. Reel and fishing rod
  2. Fishing line
  3. Bait
  4. Hooks
  5. Lures
  6. Swivels
  7. Bobbers
  8. Sinkers
  9. Fishing boots
  10. Waterproof clothes

Fishing Games

Sometimes going fishing and escaping the daily life can be hard, which is why we need some fishing alternatives, and fishing games have been proven pretty worthy for relaxation and having fun at the same time. There are many games that feature fishing like Fishing Bass Pro for example. Also, there are cool fishing themed slots games. These can be played at legal online casinos which are great and really convenient for having fun and winning real money prizes. There are many USA online casinos that offer such slots games, and the best ones also offer numerous casino bonuses. Thanks to these online casino bonuses, like the no deposit casino bonuses, you can try the fishing themed slots games for free, and you can even get a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit in the online USA casinos. Thanks to these fishing games, you can have fun, win some real money prizes and buy your next fishing equipment for when you can find the time to actually go fishing.

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