Best Fishing Locations in the USA

Fishing is a great activity – you have a chance to relax, have the best time of your life with your mind, and eventually – catch a fish. It helps us learn more and reconnect with nature. However, besides all the lake fishing tips you need, the second most-important piece of information is finding the best fishing locations. If you are in USA, we have some good news, as we’ve done the research, consulted with experts and we’ve compiled a list of the most popular fishing locations in the USA. Even if you don’t know nothing about fishing besides the basic river and lake fishing tips, you’ll surely have a great time here:

1. Florida Keys, Florida

It is best known as the Fisherman’s paradise, so there is nothing else we can say besides this.

2. Outer Banks, North Carolina

A great spot for beginner fishing lovers, as it has numerous agencies offering the best fishing equipment.

3. Bighorn River, Montana

If you seek to catch the flying fish – this is your spot.

4. Kobuk River, Alaska

The Kobuk River in Alaska can offer you a really unique fishing experience, and it is as natural as it gets.

5. Lake St. Clair, Michigan

The Lake St. Clair is the best spot if you want to put to use all your lake fishing tips and catch some muskie, perch or walleye.

Best Fishing Locations in USA, Lake and River Tips, Equipment